Duck Creek Oufitters
P.O. Box 1923
Sisters, OR 97759
Phone: 541-771-4976

Duck Creek Outfitters - World Class Waterfowl Hunting in Saskatchewan Canada and Oregon

Duck Creek Outfitters Testimonials
"Everyone who dreams of a place with plenty of ducks and geese and the chance to walk the fields for Hungarian Partridge and Grouse should make this trip. Rarely does a person have the opportunity to hunt so many species of birds in a variety of settings in one area. Living Sky Outfitters offers more chances for a successful hunt than just about anywhere."

Brian Witt

"I don't get to hunt often. So when I do, I really appreciate the solitude of the Canadian Prarie, abundant waterfowl, great home cooked meals and a genuine, not-touristy experience. Living Sky Outfitters has all of this in one convenient set-up. An annual Canadian trip with Living Sky Outfitters will be on my calendar for some time."

David Banks

"'Living Sky' refers to the Northern Lights visible in the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan, but for our trip, it was described perfectly, the millions of birds in the sky."

Jack Baxter